1. Vijjā Sutta. Ten qualities, the possession of which makes a man's accomplishment complete in every detail. A.v.12f.

2. Vijjā Sutta. Just as ignorance is in the forefront of all evil, so is knowledge (vijjā) in the forefront of all good. A.v.214.

3. Vijjā Sutta. Anuruddha declares that, by cultivating the four satipatthānas, he has been able (1) to remember divers existences in the past; (2) to discern the arising and going of beings according to their merits; and (3) to destroy the āsavas. S.v.305.

4. Vijjā Sutta. Knowledge is knowledge of dukkha, its cause, etc. S.v.429.

5. Vijjā Sutta. Preached to the Vajjians at Kotigāma. It is through not understanding dukkha, its cause, etc., that beings wander on in samsāra. S.v.431.

6. Vijjā Sutta. Those recluses who understand dukkha, its cause, etc., as they really are, realize in this very life the reality of their recluses ship. S.v.432.

7. Vijjā Sutta. See Bhikkhu Sutta (4).

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