1. Vijitasena. Son of Kondañña Buddha. His mother was Rucidevī. Bu.iii.27; BuA.107, 111.

2. Vijitasena. Son of Kassapa Buddha. His mother was Sunandā. Bu.xxv.36; DA.ii.422.

3. Vijitasena Thera. He was born in the family of an elephant trainer of Kosala, and had two maternal uncles, Sena and Upasena, who were also elephant trainers and had joined the Order. He saw the Buddha's Yamakapātihāriya and entered the Order under his uncles, attaining arahantship in due course. In the time of Atthadassī Buddha he was a hermit and gave the Buddha some fruit (ThagA.i.424f). Several verses uttered by him in self admonition, in which he displays his knowledge of elephant craft, are included in the Theragāthā. Thag. vss. 355 9

He is probably identical with Bhallātakadāyaka of the Apadāna. Ap.ii.398.

4. Vijitasena. A king of Benares, descendant of Mahāsammata. His father was Vijaya. Dpv.iii.39; MT. 130.

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