The eleventh sutta of the Sutta Nipāta.

According to Buddhaghosa (SNA.i.241f), this sutta was preached on two occasions: once to Janapadakalyānī Nandā, following her attainment of sotāpatti, in order to help her to higher attainment -  and again when the Buddha took the monks to the funeral of Sirimā, sister of Jīvaka. The sutta is also called the Kāyavicchandanika Sutta.

The sutta is a discourse on the foul nature of the body, full of impurities flowing in nine streams; when dead, nobody cares for it. Only a monk, possessed of wisdom, understands it and reflects on its worthlessness. SN. vs. 193-206; cf. J.i.146.

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