1. Vīra Thera. He was born in Sāvatthi in the family of a minister of Pasenadi and became a great warrior. He married, and, on the birth of his son, left the world, attaining arahantship in due course. His former wife tried to win him back to household life, but he showed her in a verse (Thag. vs. 8) that her efforts were futile.

In the time of Vipassī Buddha he swept the Buddha's hermitage and offered him niggunthi flowers. Later, he was born as King Mahāpatāpa. In the time of Kassapa Buddha he was a very rich merchant and gave milk rice to the monks and alms to the poor (ThagA.i.50).

He is probably identical with Niggundipupphiya Thera of the Apadāna. Ap.i.205.

2. Vīra. A setthi whose daughter gave milk rice to Tissa Buddha immediately before his Enlightenment. BuA.189.

3. Vīra. The village in which Vīra setthi lived. BuA.189.

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