1. Vettavatī. A river, probably in the kingdom of Mejjha. According to the Mātanga Jātaka (J.iv.388; cf. Dvy. 451, 456), Mātanga lived in a hermitage on the upper reaches of the river in order to humble the pride of Jātimanta, who lived lower down. On the banks of the river was a city, also called Vettavatī.

In the Milinda-pañhā (p.114) the Vettavatī is mentioned as one of the ten chief rivers flowing from the Himālaya. It is probably identical with the Vetravatī mentioned in Kālidāsa's Meghadūta, and is identified with the modern Betuva in Bhopal (the ancient Vidīsa).

2. Vettavatī. A channel branching off from the Parakkamasamudda; the sluice from which it started bore the same name. Cv.lxxix.44.

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