1. Vetaranī. A river in Mahā niraya (S.i.21; SN. vs. 674). Buddhaghosa explains (SNA.ii.482) that this is the name of a mahatā khāraodikā nadī (the great "Caustic River") referred to in the Devadatta Sutta (M.iii.185). Its waters are sharp and bitter (tinhadhārā, khuradhārā) (SN. vs. 674; cf. J.v.269), and the river flows by the Asipattavana. When beings enter it to bathe and drink (because it looks like a sheet of water) they are hacked by swords and other sharp weapons which stand concealed along the river bank. (SNA.ii.482; J.v.275; vi. 105; where a long description is given of the horrors of Vetaranī.) Sometimes Vetaranī is used in a general way to indicate Niraya. (As "desanāsīsa” – e.g. J.iii.473; SA.i.48; cf. J.iv.273). Those guilty of abortion are reborn in the Vetaranīnadī (J.v.269), as are also oppressors of the weak (J.vi.106).

2. Vetaranī. A physician of old, famous for curing snake bites. J.iv.496.

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