1. Vessāmitta. A celebrated sage of old. Vin.i.245; D.i.104; M.ii.169, 200; A.iii.224; iv. 61, etc.

2. Vessāmitta. A king of old who led a good life and was reborn in Sakka's heaven. J.vi.251.

3. Vessāmitta. A Yakkha chief who, with five hundred others of the same name, was present at the preaching of the Mahāsamaya Sutta. D.ii.257.

He is mentioned among the Yakkha chiefs to be invoked in time of need by followers of the Buddha (D.iii.205). Buddhaghosa says he was so called because he lived on a mountain called Vessāmitta. DA.ii.686; iii.970.

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