1. Vesāli Sutta. See Vajjiputta Sutta.

2. Vesāli Sutta. Ugga visits the Buddha at the Kūtāgārasālā and asks a question; the Buddha explains to him that it is grasping of objects, etc., which prevents some people from being quite free in this very life. S.iv.109.

3. Vesāli Sutta. The Buddha once addressed the monks on the great benefits of meditating on asubha, and then retired into solitude in the Mahāvana for a fortnight. The monks, filled with the idea of asubha, felt loathing for their bodies and many committed suicide. The Buddha hearing of this, summoned the monks to the Kūtāgārasālā and taught them the great merits of concentration on breathing. S.v.320f.

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