A famous Elder in the time of Pitirājā (Vattagāmanī). He was a sāmanera, and, during the prevalence of the Brahmanatissabhaya (q.v.), looked after his teacher at the risk of his own life, once even climbing a palmyra tree in order to get him some nuts. Later, feeling that the care of an old and feeble man was too much for him, his teacher advised him to go away alone. The teacher was later eaten by cannibals.

The sāmanera became famous as a Tipitakadhara, and when the Tissabhaya had disappeared, monks came from overseas to visit him. He thus became the leader of a large company, and once when he visited Anurādhapura, he received gifts of three robes in nine different places. See VibhA.449f., where the story is given in great detail.

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