1. Vangīsa Sutta. Preached by the Buddha at Aggālava cetiya. Vangīsa's teacher, Nigrodhakappa, had just died there, and Vangīsa asks the Buddha if he had attained Nibbāna. Vangīsa's question is really a poem in itself, containing ten verses, in praise of the Buddha. The Buddha says that Kappa has won Nibbāna, because he had severed all the bonds of Māra. Vangīsa then declares that Kappa attained that state because he followed the Buddha's teaching. SN. pp. 59ff.; the verses of the sutta are included in the Theragāthā (1263 79).

In the Commentary (SNA.i.345) the sutta is called Nigrodhakappa Sutta.

2. Vangīsa Sutta. A set of ten verses, spoken by Vangīsa at Jetavana, soon after winning arahantship, as he sat experiencing the bliss of emancipation. He congratulates himself on having become a disciple of the Buddha. S.i.196; the verses are included in Thag.1253-62.

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