1. Vaddha. A Licchavi. He was a friend of the Mettiyabhummajakā, and, at their instigation, charged Dabba Mallaputta with having committed adultery with his wife. Dabba repudiated the charge, and the Buddha ordered the monks to proclaim the pattanikkujjana on Vaddha.

When Ananda visited Vaddha and told him this news he fell in a faint, and, later, visited the Buddha with his family to ask for forgiveness. He was ordered to go before the Sangha and confess his error, after which the sentence was revoked. Vin.ii.124ff.

He is probably identical with Vaddhamāna Thera.

2. Vaddha Thera. He belonged to a householder's family of Bhārukaccha. His mother (Vaddhamātā) left the household, entrusting him to her kinsfolk, joined the Order and became an arahant. Vaddha became a monk under Veludatta and developed into an eloquent preacher. One day he visited his mother alone and without his cloak, and was rebuked by her. Agitated by this, he returned to his monastery, and, during his siesta, developed insight, attaining arahantship.

ThagA.i.413f. Six of his verses appear in Thag.335-9; ep. Thig.210-12.

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