1. Vaccha. A brahmin ascetic of long ago, near whose hut lived some Kinnaras. A spider used to weave his web around them, crack their heads and drink their blood. The Kinnaras sought Vaccha's assistance, but Vaccha refused to kill the spider, till tempted by the offer of a Kinnara maiden named Rathavatī as his servant. Vaccha killed the spider and lived with Rathavatī as his wife.

This story was among those related by Mahosadha's parrot Māthara to the mynah bird of the Pañcāla king's palace, to show her that in love there is no unlikeness -  a man may well mate with a Kinnari, a parrot with a mynah. J.vi.422.

2. Vaccha. See Kisavaecha, Nandavaccha, Pilindavaccha, Tirītavaccha, Vacchagotta, etc. Also Ukkhepakatavaocha and the two Vanavacchas.

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