One of the nine daughters of King Kikī. She was born with the semblance of a necklet upon her neck and shoulders, as though drawn by a painter, hence her name, Uracchadā. When sixteen years old she heard Kassapa Buddha preach, and became a sotāpanna. That same day she attained arahantship, entered the Order and passed into Nibbāna (

In the time of Vipassī, both Uracchadā and Queen Māyā (mother of Gotama Buddha) were born as the daughters of King Bandhumā. One day the king received a present of a golden wreath, worth a thousand, and a box of precious sandalwood. He gave the sandalwood to the elder daughter and the wreath to the younger. The two girls, wishing to present their gifts to the Buddha, obtained the king's consent. The elder princess powdered the sandalwood and filled a golden box with it. The younger had the wreath made into a necklet and placed it in a golden casket. They then went to the Buddha, and the elder reverently sprinkled his body with sandalwood and scattered it in his cell with the prayer, "May I, in time to come, be the mother of a Buddha like you." The younger reverently placed the necklet on the Buddha and prayed, "Until I attain arahantship, may this ornament never part from my body." (

According to the Vimānavatthu Commentary (pp. 270f), Uracchadā's name was Uracchadamālā and her teacher was a brahmin named Gopāla, who was also present when the Buddha preached to Uracchadamālā. But he did not acquire any special attainments.

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