The name of King Udena's park at Kosambī on the river.

It was a favourite spot of Pindola-Bhāradvāja, who often spent the day there. On one occasion when he was there, Udena came with the women of the palace to the pleasance to enjoy himself. When the king fell asleep the women wandered about the park and, seeing Pindola, they went up to him and he preached to them. The king, on waking, was enraged to find the women absent and, on learning the cause, went to Pindola and questioned him. Pindola, knowing that the king had no wish to learn, sat silent. The king, in great anger, threatened to cast a net of red ants on the Elder, but before he could carry out his threat, Pindola vanished through the air (SnA.ii.514f; SA.iii.27f).

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