Once the Bodhisatta was a brahmin in Kāsi named Tirītavaccha and after the death of his parents he became an ascetic. The king of Benares, fleeing from his enemies, arrived at Tirītavaccha's hermitage, riding on an elephant. Looking for water but finding none, he let himself down into the hermit's well but was unable to get out again; the hermit rescued him and showed him every hospitality. Later the hermit visited the king, now restored to the throne, and was given a dwelling place in the royal park. The courtiers were inclined to be jealous of the attentions paid to the hermit, but the king told them of the incident in the forest and they acknowledged the hermit's claim to honour.

The story was told in reference to Ananda having received five hundred robes from the women of Pasenadi's palace. The king is identified with Ananda. J.ii.314ff.

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