He was once a minister of Saddhātissa. Having gone to Kottasāla on official business he gave to a monk the food prepared by the people for him. He was then born in Vallavāhagāma and was called Sumana. Later he entered the Order in Brāhmanārāma and became an arahant. A deity of a timbaru-tree provided him and 500 companions with food during the Brahmanatiya famine. Later, during their travels near Kandarājika, the monks, about to eat, had doubts regarding the time because the sun was hidden. Tambasumana threw a stone into the sky, and, making it shine like the sun, dispelled their doubts. The spot came to be called Manisūriya.

On another occasion, at Cullatavālagāma, he converted a whole river into ghee from the ford of Vālagāma-vihāra to Bhuttakatittha, a distance of two yojanas. Ras.ii.24f.

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