A locality in Ceylon, perhaps in Piyangudīpa. It is known chiefly as having been the residence of the Elder Dhammadinna. Mhv.xxxii.52; VbhA.389, 489; Vsm.392, 834.

It may be the place mentioned in the Saddhammasangaha (p.88) as the residence of Mahādhammadinna, under the name of Talangaratissapabbata (elsewhere (MT.606, n.2) called Vālangatissapabbata). There was a cave in it called Devarakkhitalena.

According to the Majjhima Commentary (i.149f), Talangaratissapabbata was in Rohana, and between it and Tissamahārāma lay the monasteries of Hankana and Cittalapabbata. v.l. Talanka, Tālankara, Tālanganagara.

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