The Bodhisatta was once the son of the chaplain of Brahmadatta, king of Benares. He was brought up with the king's son, and they studied together in Takkasilā, becoming great friends. When the prince succeeded to the throne, the Bodhisatta, not desiring to live a householder's life, became an ascetic and lived in the Himālaya. As time passed, the king began to think of him, and sent his minister, Sayha, to fetch the ascetic, that he might become the royal chaplain. But the Bodhisatta refused to come, saying that he had no need of such honour.

The story was related in reference to a monk who, loving a woman, was discontented. The king is identified with Ananda, and Sayha with Sāriputta. J.iii.30 33.

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