An ecclesiastical chronicle by Paññasāmi of Burma, written in 1861 A.C. The first part of the work begins with the birth of the Buddha and brings the history up to the Third Council and the sending of missionaries to nine different countries: Sīhala, Suvannabhūmi, Yonakarattha, Vanavāsī, Kasmīra Gandhāra, Mahimsakamandala, Cīnarattha, Mahārattha (Siam) and Aparanta. Then follow accounts of the religions of these countries, a separate chapter being devoted to each. But the accounts of Sīhala (Ceylon) and Suvannabhūmi (Burma) show more completeness than the others. The second part is entirely devoted to Aparanta of Burma proper. Published by the P.T.S.1897.

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