1. Sarassatī. A river in India, rising in the Himālaya. (Thag.1104;Mil.114 and AA.ii.737; SNA.i.321).

It is evidently the Sarasvatī of Sanskrit literature, which, according to the Brāhmanas, etc., formed the western boundary of the brahmanical Madhyadesa. It rises in the hills of Sirmu in the Himalayan range, called the Semalik, and enters the plain at ād Badvi in Ambala. It is considered sacred by the Hindus. Law: Early Geog., p. 39; also CAGI.382 f

2. Sarassatī. A channel branching off from the Toyavāpi to the Punnavaddhanavāpi. Cv.lxxix.46.

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