1. Saranankara. The Buddha who appeared in the world immediately before Dīpankara. Bu.xxvii.1; J.i.44; MA.i.188.

2. Saranankara Thera. An eminent monk of Ceylon. Narindasīha, attracted by his piety and learning, gave him, while yet a sāmanera, a reliquary studded with seven hundred jewels and numerous books, and also made provision for his maintenance. At the instance of the king, Saranankara composed the Sāratthasangraha and Singhalese Commentaries on the Mahābodhivamsa and the Bhessajjamañjūsā (Cv.xcvii.48ff).

When Vijayarājasīha came to the throne, Saranankara lived in the Uposathārāma and composed, at the king's request, a Singhalese Commentary on the Catubhānavāra (Cv.xcviii.23f). In the reign of Kittisirirājasīha he carried out, with the king's help, many reforms among the monks, adopting strong measures against delinquents. He was also instrumental in persuading the king to send an embassy to King Dhammika of Siam (Sāminda) in order to obtain from there a chapter of monks for the re establishment of the upasampadā in Ceylon. When this had been done, the king invested Saranankara with the dignity of Sangharāja over Ceylon. Cv.c.49ff;101ff.

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