1. Sankhapāla. The Bodhisatta born as a Nāga king. See the Sankhapāla Jātaka. Sankhapāla is evidently a generic name for the Nāgas of that world.

2. Sankhapāla. A king of Ekabala. Mahosadha (q.v.), hearing that he was collecting arms and assembling an army, sent a parrot to find out about it. The parrot reported that there was no reason to fear Sankhapāla. J.vi.390.

3. Sankhapāla. A lake in the Mahimsakarattha. It was the residence of the Nāga king, Sankhapāla. From the lake rose the river Kannapennā. J.v.162.

4. Sankhapāla Thera. A pupil of Buddhadatta, to whom he dedicated his Vinaya-Vinicchaya. Gv. 40; P.L.C. 109.

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