A Cola monk, follower of the Vetullavāda. At the Thūpārāma he defeated in argument the Thera Gothābhaya, and became a favourite of King Gothābhaya, being appointed tutor to his sons, Jetthatissa and Mahāsena. When Jenhatissa came to the throne, Sanghamitta returned to Cola, as he was not greatly liked by the king; but on the accession of Mahāsena he returned to Ceylon.

Acting on Sanghamitta's advice, Mahāsena decreed that no alms should be given to the monks of Mahāvihāra and all the treasures belonging to Mahāvihāra were taken to Abhayagiri with the help of the minister Sona. Sanghamitta had the Lohapāsāda destroyed. It was not till his favourite minister, Meghavannābhaya, rose in revolt against him, that Mahāsena saw the error of his ways and cast off Sanghamitta. While the king was away, Sanghamitta attempted to destroy the Thūpārāma, and one of the king's wives persuaded a labourer to kill both Sanghamitta and Sona. Mhv.xxxvi.113f; xxxvii.2ff.; Cv.xxxviii.55, 58.

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