1. Sanghadāsī. The youngest of the seven daughters of Kiki, king of Benares. She was Visākhā in the present age (J.vi.481). One day, as she was giving the five products of the cow to a company of twenty thousand monks, she persuaded them to accept her gifts even when they covered their bowls, saying: "Enough, enough." For this reason, when, as Visākhā, she was given cattle by her father at the time of her marriage, other herds of cattle joined them, in spite of the efforts of men to prevent them (DhA.i.396f., 418).

The Apadāna, however, gives her name as Sanghadāyikā. Ap.ii.655 (vs. 16).

2. Sanghadāsī. An eminent nun of Jambudīpa. Dpv.xviii.10.

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