The Bodhisatta was the teacher of Samvara (1), youngest of the hundred sons of the king of Benares. When he had finished his studies, the king offered him a province, but, at the suggestion of his teacher, he preferred to live near his father. There, acting on the Bodhisatta's advice, he won all hearts, and on the death of his father the courtiers made him king. The brothers protested, and Samvara, again following his teacher's advice, divided his father's wealth among them. Then his brothers, led by Uposatha, acknowledged him king.

The story was told to a monk who had dwelt in the forest and had then given up striving. He is identified with Samvara and Sāriputta with Uposatha. J.iv.130ff.; see also the Alinacitta Jātaka and Gāmani Jātaka.

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