The Bodhisatta was once an ascetic of great iddhi power. Near his hut lived an Asura who from time to time listened to his preaching. One day the Asura saw a beautiful woman of Kāsi going with an escort to visit her parents. The Asura swooped down on the party and as soon as the men had fled, took the woman and made her his wife. For her safe protection he put her in a box, which he then swallowed. Some time later the Asura went to bathe, and having taken out the box and let the woman bathe, he allowed her to remain out until he himself had bathed. A son of Vāyu, a magician, was travelling through the air, and the woman, seeing him, invited him to her box and there covered him up. The Asura, all unsuspecting, shut up the box and swallowed it. Then he visited the Bodhisatta who said in greeting, "Welcome to all three of you." The Asura expressed his surprise, and the Bodhisatta explained the matter to him. The box was produced and the truth of his story proved. The magician went his way and the woman was allowed to go hers.

The story was related to a monk who was hankering after a woman (J.iii.527 31).

It is also referred to (J.v.455) as the Karandaka Jātaka.

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