Also called Mahāsamaya Sutta, because it was preached on the day of the Mahāsamaya. The sutta was preached by the Buddha in reply to a question asked at the Mahāsamaya concourse, by the created (nimmita) Buddha (SNA.i.352). It was the last of the suttas preached on that occasion, and was intended for those devas who were rāgacaritas. At the end of the discourse one thousand crores attained to arahantship (SNA.361, 367).

The sutta is a dissertation on the right path for a Bhikkhu. He has no belief in omens, dreams, etc., subdues his passion, puts away slander, anger, avarice etc., and is liberated from bonds. He is free from attachments, is not opposed to anyone, has no pride, and longs for nibbāna. SN.vss.359-75.

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