1. Samiddhi Sutta. The story of a nymph who tried to tempt Samiddhi Thera. The story is similar to the introductory story of the Samiddhi Jātaka, but the discussion between Samiddhi and the devatā is given at greater length. When Samiddhi told her of his aim in leading the religious life, she wished to know more of the Buddha's teaching, and asked him to find an opportunity for her to see the Buddha. This Samiddhi did, and the Buddha preached to her. S.i.8 ff.

2. Samiddhi Sutta. Describes the unsuccessful attempt of Māra to frighten Samiddhi Thera. Māra made a tremendous noise near him, and Samiddhi sought the Buddha's advice. The Buddha explained to him that the noise was made by Māra, and the next time he came Samiddhi challenged him to do his worst. S.i.119 f.

3. Samiddhi Sutta. Preached at the Kalandakanivāpa in Veluvana, in answer to Samiddhi's question as to what Māra is and what are his distinguishing qualities. S.iv.38f.

4. Samiddhi Sutta. Records a lesson given by Sāriputta to Samiddhi on sankappavitakkā (purposive thoughts). A.iv.385 f.

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