He belonged to a family of the Kaccānas in Magadha, and, having entered the Order, lived in a cave, called Bheravā, near the Himālaya, engaged in meditation. One day there arose a great and unseasonable storm; the clouds massed up in the sky amid thunder and forked lightning. All creatures cried out in fear and trembling. But Sambula, heedless of the noise and cooled by the storm, composed his mind, developed insight and became an arahant. Then, filled with joy, he uttered a poem (Thag.vss.189 90).

Ninety four kappas ago he had seen a Pacceka Buddha, named Sataramsi, just risen from samādhi and had given him a palm fruit (ThagA.i.313 f).

He is evidently identical with Tālaphaliya of the Apadāna. Ap.i.447.

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