1. Sāmā. The chief woman disciple of Kakusandha Buddha. Bu.xxiii.21; J.i.42.

2. Sāmā. One of the chief lay women disciples of Konāgamana Buddha. Bu.xxiv.24.

3. Sāmā. A courtesan of Benares; for her story see the Kanavera Jātaka. J.iii.59ff.

4. Sāmā Therī. She belonged to an eminent family of Kosambī, and when her friend Sāmāvatī died she left the world in distress of mind. Unable to subdue her grief, she could not grasp the Ariyan way. One day, while listening to Ananda's preaching, she won insight, and, on the seventh day from then became an arahant. Thig.vs.37 8; ThigA.44.

5. Sāmā Therī. She belonged to a family of Kosambī and left the world in distress on the loss of her friend, Sāmāvatī. For twenty five years she was unable to gain self mastery, till, in her old age, she heard a sermon and won arahantship.

Ninety one kappas ago she was a kinnarī on the banks of the Candabhāga. One day, while amusing herself in company of her friends, she saw Vipassī Buddha and worshipped him with salala flowers (Thig.39 41; ThigA.45f). She is evidently identical with Salalapupphikā of the Apadāna. Ap.ii.524.

6. Sāmā. The original name of Sāmāvatī.

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