1. Sāma. The king of Benares (J.ii.98) in the Giridanta Jātaka.

2. Sāma. One of the hounds of the Lokantaraniraya. J.vi.247.

3. Sāma. The Bodhisatta born as a hunter's son. He was also called Suvannasāma. For his story see the Sāma Jātaka. He is given as an example of one who was conceived by umbilical attrition. E.g., Mil.123.

4. Sāma. The Milinda, refers to a Jātaka story where Devadatta was a man named Sāma, and the Bodhisatta a king of deer, named Ruru. The reference is evidently to the Rurumiga Jātaka, but there the man is called Mahādhanaka.  J.iv.255 ff.; but see Cyp.ii.6.

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