Salalāgāra, Salalaghara. A building in Jetavana. Once when Sakka went to visit the Buddha he found him in the Salalāgāra, wrapt in samādhi, with Bhuñjatī waiting on him. Sakka therefore left a message with her (D.ii.270). Buddhaghosa (DA.ii.705) defines it as salalamayagandhakuti. Elsewhere, where (SA.iii.205) he says it was a hut of salala trees (salalarukkhamaya) or a hut with a salala tree at its door. In the Commentary to the Mahāpadāna Sutta (DA.ii.407) the Salalaghara is spoken of as one of the four chief buildings, (mahāgehāni) of Jetavana. It was built by Pasenadi at a cost of one hundred thousand. Anuruddha is also mentioned as having stayed there. S.v.300.

Salalāgāra Sutta. Anuruddha, addressing the monks at the Salalāgāra, tells them that it is as difficult, to make a, monk who has developed the four satipatthānas return to the lower life, as to make the Ganges flow westward. S.v.300f.

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