1. Sālā. A brahmin village of Kosala, its inhabitants were called Sāleyyakā. The Apannaka Sutta and the Saleyyaka Sutta were preached there M.i.285, 400. See also Sālā Sutta (below).

2. Sālā. One of the two chief women disciples of Phussa Buddha. BuA.194; but see Phussa.

1. Sālā Sutta. The Buddha, while staying at Sālā, addresses the monks, teaching them the necessity of the preaching the four satipatthānas by novices, sekhas and arahants. S.v.144f.

2. Sālā Sutta. Preached at Sālā. Just as the lion is the chief of animals, so is insight chief of the bodhipakkhiyā dhammā (a list of which is given in the sutta). S.v.227; on the title of the sutta, see KS.v.202, n.3.

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