1. Sakulā Therī. She belonged to a brahmin family of Sāvatthi and became a believer on seeing the Buddha accept Jetavana. Later, she heard an arahant monk preach, and, being agitated in mind, joined the Order. Having developed insight, she won arahantship. Afterwards the Buddha declared her foremost among nuns in dibbacakkhu (A.i.25).

In the time of Padumuttara Buddha she was Nandā, daughter of King Ananda, and, therefore, half sister of the Buddha. One day she heard the Buddha declare a nun chief among possessors of the "heavenly eye” and herself wished for similar honour. In the time of Kassapa Buddha she was a brahminee and later became a Paribbājikā. One day she offered alms at the Buddha's thūpa and kept a lamp burning there all night. She was then reborn in Tāvatimsa. Thig. vss.98 101; ThigA.91f.; Ap.ii.569f.; AA.i.199f.

2. Sakulā. Sister of Somā. They were both wives of Pasenadi and followers of the Buddha. Once, when Pasenadi was staying at Ujjuñña, he went to see the Buddha, and carried to him the greetings of the two queens. M.ii.125f.; MA.ii.757.

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