A city in India, capital of King Milinda (Mil.pp.1, 3, etc.).

In various Jātakas -  e.g.,

Sāgala is mentioned as the capital of the Madda kings. It was also evidently called Sākala. (E.g., Mahābhārata 14, 32; tatah Sākalam abhyetvā Mādrānām putabhedanam).

Sāgala was the birthplace of Khemā Therī, (ThigA.127; Ap.ii.546; AA.i.187) of Bhaddā Kāpilānī, (ThigA.68; Ap.ii.583; AA.i.99) and of Queen Anojā (DhA.ii.116).

It is said (DhA.iii.281f.; cp. the story of Anitthigandha, a Pacceka Buddha, given in SNA.i.69) that when Aritthigandhakumāra refused to marry any woman unless she resembled a golden image possessed by him, the messengers sent by his parents found a girl in Sāgala who possessed the necessary requirements, but she was delicate, and died on her way from Sāgala to Sāvatthi.

It is perhaps the same city which is mentioned in the Vinaya (Vin.iii.67) as the residence of Dalhika.

Sāgala is identified with the modern Sialkot in the Paijab (Law, Geog. 53).

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