A group of heretical monks (Sarvāstivādins), an offshoot of the Mahimsāsakas. The Kassapiyā were a branch of the same (Mhv.v.8f; Dpv.v.47). They held that everything is, exists, is constantly existing, because it is, was, or will be, matter and mind, and these continually exist (Kvu.i.6, 7); that penetration of truth is won little by little (Kvu.ii.9). They agreed with the Uttarāpathakas that conscious flux may amount to samādhi (Kvu.xi.6), and with the Vajjiputtiyas that an arahant may fall away. Kvu.i.2; see J.R.A.S. 1892, 1ff., 597; 1894, 534; J.P.T.S. 1905, 67f.

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