An arahant Thera. He belonged to a brahmin family of Sāvatthi, and, after hearing the Buddha preach, entered the Order. He lived in Lonagiri vihāra (v.l. Lena vihāra), on the banks of the Ajakaranī, practising meditation, and, in due course, won arahantship. He visited Sāvatthi to worship the Buddha, and stayed there a few days, entertained by his kinsfolk. When he wished to return to his dwelling they begged him to stay and be supported by them, but he refused because he loved retirement. The verses he spoke on this occasion are given in Thag.vs.307 10.

Thirty one kappas ago he was a Nāga king of great power who, having seen the Pacceka Buddha Sambhavaka, wrapt in samādhi, under the open sky, remained beside him holding a lotus over his head (ThagA.i.399f).

He is probably to be identified with Padumapūjaka of the Apadāna. Ap.i.279 f ; cf. Ap.ii.453f. (Padumudhāriya).

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