1. Suyāma. One of the eight brahmins consulted at the birth of the Buddha to predict his future. J.i.56; Mil.236.

2. Suyāma. A devaputta, chief of the Yāma-devas (A.iv.242; D.i.217). The courtesan, Sirimā, was reborn after death, as the wife of Suyāma (SNA.i.244). When the Buddha descended from the deva world to earth, at Sankassa, Suyāma accompanied him, holding a yak's-tail fan (vālavījana). DhA.iii.226; Vsm.392; cf. BuA.239; J.i.48, 53; Mhv.xxxi.78.

3. Suyāma. A king of Benares, son of Puthuvindhara. His son was Kikī Brahmadatta. ThagA.i.151.

4. Suyāma (Suyāmana) Thera. He belonged to a brahmin family of Vesāli and was expert in the three Vedas. He saw and heard the Buddha at Vesāli, and, having entered the Order, attained arahantship while his head was being shaved.

Ninety one kappas ago he was a brahmin of Dhaññavatī, and, having invited Vipassī Buddha to his house, gave him a seat spread with flowers. He was once a king, called Varadassana (Thag.74; ThagA.i.165f). He is evidently identical with Kusumāsaniya of the Apadāna. Ap.i.160.

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