1. Suriya Sutta. Describes the occasion on which Suriya (q.v.) was seized by Rāhu. S.i.51.

2. Suriya Sutta. The Buddha explains to the monks the destruction of the world by the gradual appearance of seven consecutive suns. Details are given of the havoc caused by each subsequent sun. The sutta is intended to show that all things are impermanent; but only those who possess Ariyan knowledge realize this. Even so great a teacher as Sunetta (q.v.) could not find the way out of sorrow (A.iv.100f). The sutta was also evidently called Sattasuriya or Sattasuriyuggamana Sutta.

3. Suriya Sutta. Just as, in the autumn when the sky is clear, the sun drives away all darkness, so, of all profitable conditions, earnestness is the chief. S.v.44.

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