1. Suriya. A Devaputta. Once, when he was seized by Rāhu, lord of the Asuras, he invoked the power of the Buddha, and the Buddha enjoined on Rāhu to let him go. This Rāhu did, and Suriya is spoken of as seeking Vepacitti and standing by his side, trembling and with stiffened hair (S.i.51; cf. Candimā). Suriya is one of the inhabitants of the Cātummahārājika-world (MNidA.108). Suriya and Candimā are both under the rule of Sakka, and we find Sakka asking them to stop their journeying at his behest. (E.g., when he wished the Sāmaneras Pandita and Sukha to be able to meditate undisturbed (DhA.ii.143; iii.97). See also DhA.iii.208).

Suriya was present at the preaching of the Mahāsamaya Sutta (D.20). He is sometimes (PSA. 253) described as Adicca (Aditi's son). The disk of the sun, which forms Suriya's vimāna, is fifty leagues in diameter (E.g., D.iii.196).

2. Suriya. A son of Sakka.

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