1. Sumanadevī. Mother of Mahā Kassapa Thera. Ap.ii.583.

2. Sumanadevī. Mother of Suppatitthita. MT. 528.

3. Sumanadevī. Step sister of Khallātanāga. She had three sons - Tissa, Abhaya and Uttara who conspired against the king. On the failure of their conspiracy, they jumped into the fire on the spot where now stands the Abhayagiri-cetiya. MT. 612.

4. Sumanadevī. Youngest daughter of Anāthapindika. When her sisters, Mahāsubhaddā and Cullasubhaddā, married and went to live with their husbands, Anāthapindika appointed her to look after the feeding of the monks in his house. She became a sakadāgāmi and remained unmarried. Because of her failure to obtain a husband, she refused to eat, and fell ill. One day, when Anāthapindika was in the refectory, he received a message from her. He went immediately and asked her what was the matter. She addressed him as "Younger brother," and saying that she had no fear, she died. Anāthapindika, in great sorrow, sought the Buddha and confessed his grief that she should have died while talking incoherently. The Buddha explained that, inasmuch as she was a sakadāgāmī and he but a sotāpanna, her addressing him as "Younger brother" was quite in order. After death she was born in Tusita, said the Buddha. DhA.i.151f.

5. Sumanadevī. Mother of Visākhā. Her husband was Dhanañjaya, son of Mendakasetthi of Bhaddīya-nagara (DhA.i.384f.; SA.i.116, etc.). She was one of the Mahāpuññā. Vsm.383; PSA.509, etc.

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