1. Sulasā. A nagarasobhinī (courtezan) of Benares; See the Sulasā Jātaka.

2. Sulasā. A nagarasobhinī (courtezan) of Rājagaha. One day she saw the son of Mahādhanasetthi being led to execution for his crimes and, feeling compassion for him because she had once enjoyed his patronage, she sent him four cakes and some drink. Moggallāna appeared before him as soon as the cakes were given to him, and the condemned man offered them to the Elder. After death he was born as a devatā on a nigrodha-tree in the park near the city. One day, when Sulasā entered the park, the deity, creating a great darkness, carried her away. Seven days later he took her to Veluvana and left her there on the edge of the crowd who were listening to the Dhamma. When she related her experiences, the people were at first inclined to laugh at her; but her story was verified, and they were amazed. The story was reported to the Buddha, who made it the subject for a sermon. Pv.i.1; PvA.4f. It is probably this story which is repeated at Milinda, p.350, as the "assembly of Sulasā."

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