A class of Brahmas who occupy the ninth Rūpa-world; a division of the Subha devā (M.iii.102; D.ii.69; M.i.2, etc. Compendium, p.138). Beings are born in that world as a result of developing the third jhāna, and their life span is sixty four kappas (MA.i.553 and SA.i.162; but see A.ii.127, 129, where their life is given as four kappas).

They are filled and pervaded with happiness and are serenely blissful; they experience only sublime happiness, unlike the Abhassarā, who exclaim in their joy. (D.iii.219) They agree both in body and in perceptive power (A.iv.401; cf.iv.40). They radiate light from their bodies in a steady brightness and not in flashes (AA.ii.713; cf. PSA.80). When the world is destroyed by water, the world of the Subhakinhas forms the limit to which the water rises. PSA.256.

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