1. Subāhu Thera. He was the son of a setthi family of Benares, and was the friend of Yasa. When Yasa and his companions joined the Order Subāhu followed his example, and they all became arahants. Vin.i.19f.

2. Subāhu Thera. He was the son of a Malla rājā of Pāvā. He joined the Order on the occasion of the Buddha's first visit to Rājagaha and attained arahantship together with his friends Godhika, Valliya and Uttiya. Bimbisāra built a hut for them but forgot the roof; there was no rain until this defect had been made good (Thag.vs.52; ThagA.i.123f).

Ninety nine kappas ago Subāhu paid homage to Siddhattha Buddha. Thirty seven kappas ago he was king sixteen times, under the name of Agada. He is perhaps identical with Ñānasaññaka of the Apadāna. Ap.i.140f.

3. Subāhu. Five hundred kappas ago there were thirty four kings of this name, previous births of Ekāsaniya (Sīvalī) Thera. Ap.i.150; ThagA.i.139.

4. Subāhu. A tiger. See the Vannāroha and Tittira (No. 438) Jātakas. He is identified with Moggallāna. J.iii.192, 540.

5. Subāhu. A Pacceka Buddha. M.iii.70; ApA.i.107.

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