He was the son of a leader of a caravan of Kāsi, and once, when he was fifteen, he went with his parents to Rājagaha and then into the Veluvana vihāra. He had with him fifty five companions. He saw Dāsaka Thera, and, very pleased with him, he entered the Order, after starving for three meals, until his parents gave their consent. He soon became an arahant and leader of one thousand monks. Later, as Sonaka sat in a trance, he was seen by Siggava and Candavaggi, who spoke to him. But he would not answer, and when they heard his explanation, they entered the Order under him. Mhv.v.104, 114ff.; Dpv.iv.39f.; v.79f.; Sp.i.32, 235; Vin.v.2.

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