1. Somanassa. A king of Videha, who is credited with having founded the city of Mithilā. J.vi.47, 51.

2. Somanassa. The Bodhisatta born as the son of Renu, king of Uttarapañcāla. See the Somanassa Jātaka.

3. Somanassa. A Pacceka Buddha. Once, when the Buddha was staying at Indasālaguhā in Vediyakapabbata, an owl became fond of him, and even when he went for alms would accompany him half way, wait for his return, and then go back with him. One day when the Buddha was seated in the assembly of monks, the owl descended from its rock and worshipped him by lowering its wings, putting together its claws and bending its head.

The Buddha, seeing this, smiled, and said, in answer to Ananda's question, that one hundred thousand kappas hence the bird would become a Pacceka Buddha, Somanassa by name. MA.i.255f.; KhpA.151.

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