The country of the Sivi people, referred to several times in the Jātakas. In the Sivi, Ummadantī and Mahāummagga Jātakas (J.iv.401; v.210; vi.419), Aritthapura is given as the capital, while in the Vessantara Jātaka (, Jetuttara is the capital.

In the last named Jātaka (E.g., p.511), Vessantara is sometimes spoken of as king of Sivirattha and his children as Siviputtā (p.563). The family name of the kings of this country seems to have been Sivi (See, where Sivi is explained by porānakarājā).

The country was evidently famous for its cloth, which was called Siveyyaka (Vin.i.278). Pajjota gave a pair of robes of this material to Jīvaka, as a present for his cure. These robes Jīvaka gave to the Buddha (Vin.i.280).

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