1. Sīvaka. A Yakkha who helped Anāthapindika to find the Buddha at Sītavana (Vin.ii.155f; S.i.211). He is mentioned among the chief Yakkhas to be invoked by followers of the Buddha in time of need (D.iii.205).

2. Sīvaka. See Moliya-Sīvaka.

3. Sīvaka. The physician of King Sivi. See the Sivi Jātaka. He is identified with Ananda. J.iv.412.

4. Sīvaka Thera. The nephew of Vanavaccha. When Vanavaccha's sister heard that he had left the world and was living in the forest, she sent her son Sīvaka to be ordained under the Elder and to wait upon him. He lived in the forest with his uncle, and one day, while on his way to the village, fell very ill. The Elder, on finding that he did not return, went in search of him, and, finding him ill, tended him; but as dawn drew near, he suggested that they should both return to the forest as he had never before stayed in the village since joining the Order. Sīvaka agreed, and entered the forest leaning on his uncle's arm. There Sīvaka won arahantship.

Thirty one kappas ago he had seen Vessabhū Buddha in the forest and offered him a kāsumārika fruit (Thag.vs.14; ThagA.i.60f). He is probably identical with Kāsumāraphaladāyaka of the Apadāna. Ap.ii.445.

5. Sīvaka Thera. He belonged to a brahmin family of Rājagaha, and, when he had acquired a good education, became a Paribbājaka. Then he heard the Buddha preach, entered the Order, and became an arahant.

Ninety one kappas ago he had given Vipassī Buddha a bowl of boiled rice (kummāsa) (Thag.vss.183-4; ThagA.i.307f). He is evidently identical with Kummāsadāyaka of the Apadāna. Ap.ii.415.

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