1. Siva. The name of a god (Cv.xciii. 9, 10). A devaputta, named Siva, is mentioned in the Samyutta (S.i.56) as visiting the Buddha and speaking several verses on the benefit of consorting only with the good. It is interesting that Buddhaghosa makes no particular comment on the name in this context. In the Samantapāsādikā, however, he refers to the worship of the Sivalinga. Sp.iii.626; cf. UdA.351, where mention is made of Khandadeva Sivādi-paricaranam.

2. Siva. See Sivi.

3. Siva. A palace guard, paramour of Anulā. He reigned for fourteen months, at the end of which time he was killed in favour of Vatuka. Mhv.xxxiv.18.

4. Siva. One of the eleven children of Panduvāsudeva and Kaccāna. Dpv.x.3.

5. Siva. One of the ten sons of Mutasiva (Dpv.xi.7; xvii.76). He reigned for ten years and established the Nagarangana-vihāra. Dpv.xviii.45.

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