1. Sirivallabha. Nephew of Vijayabāhu I. He was the son of the king's sister Mittā and the Pandu king. He married Sugalā and became governor of Atthasahassa, with his, capital in Uddhanadvāra, a village built by himself. He had two children -  Mānābharana and Līlāvatī. Later he fought against Gajabāhu. Cv.lix. 42, 45; lxi. 24; lxii. 2; lxiii. 20, 31, 32; lxiv. 18, 19.

2. Sirivallabha. Son of Mānābharana (2). He was captured by the forces of Parakkamabāhu I., but escaped and later fought with that king. Cv.lxxii. 291, 299.

3. Sirivallabha. A Damila chieftain, ally of Kulasekhara. Cv.lxxvii.6.

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